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The following "Terms & Conditions" regulate the usage of the files that you may download from this web-site and that have been licensed to, or have been purchased by, the Xpert Professional.

Compliance with the following "Terms & Conditions" is an essential condition to be allowed to download the images.
Every non-compliance with the "Terms & Conditions" will result in the full and exclusive responsibility of the transgressor for any and all penalties, damages or compensation, included attorney fees, deriving from the violation of the images' rights (and copyrights) that any of the Xpert Professional might be requested to pay.

Any use that is not covered by the "Terms & Conditions" should be considered prohibited.

For any questions, please contact Xpert Professional at the following email address: info@xperthair.ie


1. All the images contained in the download section have been licensed to Xpert Professional or purchased by Xpert Professional exclusively to promote the products and services of Xpert Professional. Therefore these images cannot be edited, altered, or associated with brands other than those of Xpert Professional.

2. All the images are subject to a time-limit usage that will be indicated at the moment of the download. After this expiration date, any use shall be prohibited and all the images should be immediately destroyed. Images accompanied by the phrase "Buy Out" may be used without any time limitation.

3. All the images are subjected to a usage limited exclusively to the channel indicated at the moment of the download, therefore any different use should be considered prohibited. Images accompanied by the phrase "Buy Out" may be used freely without channel's limitation.

4. Should you decide to use the images on your website, you will be required to take measures necessary to prevent copying or downloading of the images by unauthorized third parties (Terms & Conditions / intellectual property regime).

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