Fantastic Marketing Award


Danielle KENNEDY and Tony HEFFERNAN Lloyds, Waterford

The aim of this award is to recognise excellence in marketing and communication in individual salons. From creating a clearly defined marketing strategy and brand, to communicating this through online (website, social media platforms) and more traditional promotional activity, to monitoring its success. It recognises the growing importance of clearly defined, targeted communications for salons.

This category is open to any ALFAPARF Milano salon that has been trading for at least 2 years on the 1st of July 2017. For salon groups, assessment will be at salon group level. As such, all submitted information should pertain to salon groups rather than individual salons. Individual salons will be judged as such.

For entry, please include the following information:
Opening Statement: In no more than 400 words, please describe what are your overall business objectives and aims?

  1. BRAND
  • Tell us about your brand and how it has evolved with your business. What are your core brand values? What is your Unique Selling Point (USP)? How does it differ from your competitors?
  • How do your marketing objectives and strategy support the achievement of your overall business aims and objectives?
  • Who is your target customer? How do you ensure that your communication is relevant and engaging to this customer?
  • Describe your pricing and positioning strategy (i.e. are you a prestige or mid-range salon?) and how does it reflect your target customer?
  • Please provide details of your promotional and communications strategy, be it online (website, social media platforms) or more traditional (press, in salon promotions etc, as appropriate).
  • How does it support your overall objectives?
  • How do you measure, monitor and evaluate your marketing strategy to ensure success? Do you carry out any customer research and if so, how?
  • Please provide an example of a successful marketing campaign over the last 12 months as evidence to support the above, including links to your website and social media platforms.
    Total entry should not exceed 2500 words.


Finalists for the FANTASTIC MARKETING AWARD were

Lloyds Hair – Waterford
Pelo Hairdressing – Kildare

The overall standard has been of an astounding quality and the selection process was indeed a most difficult task this year!
If your entry didn’t make it to the final, well done, thank you for your participation and we look forward to seeing you go one step further next year.