Fantastic Hairdresser Award

This business award rewards individual hairdressers working within the industry. It recognises the immense passion, commitment, energy and focus required to become a leader in the hairdressing industry on the island of Ireland.



2019 Winner

Shaun Moriarty – The Greene Room

How To Enter:

Download and read the entry rules.

Entrants must submit a complete portfolio that clearly answers all criteria listed below.

Portfolios can be submitted by email ( OR in hard copy format by REGISTERED POST to our academy, at the address below: Attention: Laura Aylward, ACCADEMIA,26-29 Old Kilmainham, Kilmainham, Dublin 8

Submission deadline is end of business (5:30PM) on Friday 20th Septemer 2019. This deadline is final. No extensions will be considered.


Salon submissions will be reviewed by a fully independent judging panel, composed of leading figures from the Irish and International hairdressing and business communities. A shortlist of salons will be nominated to proceed to the grand finale, to be held in Dublin on October 20th.

The second (final) round of judging will comprise of “mystery customers”, who may visit or call nominated salons, where appropriate. Please note that interviews may be conducted as part of the judging process.


After the selection round, successful salons will be notified (no later than October 10th 2019) and invited to participate in the grand finale. Please note that successful salons may be required to honour a free cut & blow dry or a mystery shopper voucher, on selection to go forward to the second round of judging.

Finalists will be asked to supply an image (to for use at the awards ceremony. The image must be good quality (300dpi) and depict the entrant and/or the salon.

Please note: All entries will be treated in the strictest confidence and will be viewed by the judging panel only. All submissions will be destroyed after the awards ceremony. They will not be returned to you.

Award category requirements

The aim of this award is to recognise the excellence, commitment and passion of individual hairdressers working in the hairdressing industry on the Island of Ireland. Please email a photo of yourself.

This category is open to any individual hairdresser who has been qualified for at least 12 months on the 1st July 2019. This award will be judged using the seven characteristics of a Fantastic Hairdresser. Submissions must include the following headings:

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Please tell us about yourself, your career, your passion for hairdressing and why you think you should win this award, in no more than 500 words.

Delight (based on last 12 months)

  • Give evidence of your average weekly client count.
  • your weekly new client count.
  • your weekly client request count.
  • your weekly pre-booking figures


Please give evidence of how many “perfect clients” you achieve per week.
Please state if you don’t measure this in salon. If you don’t, please give evidence of:

  • How many colour clients you achieve per week (if your salon uses technicians, please show how many of your clients would have a colour service), as a % of your client total?
  • How many clients have a treatment per week, as a % of your client total.
  • How many people buy a haircare product from you, as a % of your client total.


  • Please include a submission from your salon owner as to why you are an ambassador for the salon and your industry, in no more than 400 words.
  • Please tell us what you love about the haircare industry and what you think
    needs to change for it to improve.
  • Please tell us about 3 people who inspire you and give reasons why – at least 2 should be from the hairdressing industry.


  • What professional activities have you been involved in within the past 12 months (shows, competitions, photographic sessions, etc).
  • What was the nature of your involvement)?
  • Please include 3 testimonials from your clients, verifiable by either mobile phone number or e-mail address.

ALive Inside

  • Please give examples of how you motivate yourself consistently to succeed.
  • Please tell us what your future goals are for yourself within the industry, and give relevant examples or evidence of what you are doing to achieve these goals.


  • Please give evidence of any training courses and programmes attended in the last 12 months and tell us what you feel you achieved and learnt from them.
  • Please indicate what training courses you will be attending in the next 6 months.
  • Please tell us about any other courses, books or other mediums you use to develop yourself, these do not have to be industry specific.

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